Although it goes without saying, I think the creation of employment.

That each business entity, I feel the magnitude of what the role that society plays in his touch on the idea of mass production is the father of a great American Ford system.


That Japan's economic decline due to aging, there is a guess of economists at the moment.
However, it is potential to have, such as the creation of "intellectual property" such as cultural activities.


Love nature more than anything else, the Japanese know the beauty of the seasons, you know the horror of nature at the same time.


Does it "deception" forever fact that desertification and global warming is happening in the world? It is easy to make a model of the growth of new ones.
But that makes it no land fund has dried up or child yuan.


Due to the high efficiency, the civilization that has been or managed entirely by irrigation and land development, say between the country and do not have the capital, not only causing the gap between the rich and the poor, and economic aggression was billed as the "investment" by capital rive the local resources as good as wildly.


I support the Pax Americana of allies as Japanese, but I try to think of one or as a "life", should be what the art of Japanese consumer behavior own way to overcome the economic crisis in Europe .

Fortunately it can be said, to live our area has been hit by low water since ancient times, and is a measure of the technology about flood control unparalleled in Japan. And cohesion of an emergency fire brigade is a top-class in the province.

There is also a history of the later Edo summons or engineer from the Netherlands, and public works in cooperation with the Satsuma samurai.

Damage caused by Hurricane "Katrina" is new to memory, I at the time of last year's hurricane, I was worried about that to Wall Street. I think those that disaster response, would be nothing more than iron, but that it is new technology initiative called "global warming."

Vehicles that do not use gasoline as well as appeared, and Arab countries to supply oil, our major rice, because they will not be able to eat, I will not ride it, if it developed a gasoline engine-efficient Choose the car you have.

And, to see the dream rather, his is really the "fairy tale" that I wish I could design, and not too bad become from now on techie, while devouring the potato in the net cafe, but he thought suddenly.


Honda learned from the German company Messerschmitt aircraft engines for many years.
And I was all over the world Todorokase engine sound that Mexico Grand Prix.
I like a speed demon, and there is not a thing to drag race it or Zero 4.
Sometimes that zodiac year of the boar, reckless temperament seems born with.


In my everyday luxury, it's hit the "Game Center" such modest ambitions.
Tighten enough to beat say "! Therefore the West and against you" to our competitors in Japan. It is a class B license in Japan took great pains. Either way, I'll become a world leader in the simulation that the piled Kouki cormorant. Underestimate the samurai in Japan! Poster child for "Mario" was born, seems to have the opportunity to counterattack Ukaga~tsu soon in the same year as the NES.

And, in the country next door "crock", but seems to come out well, what I have called moral fortunately possess. I like what you said referred business ethics, because it's about I went on a scholarship to the University of So.

I think today is no longer cry, indicators of "socially responsible investment", the evaluation criteria that it can not do without as a company. By excessive overseas supply chain, "Nantokakantoka" domestic economy


Either that, it is suggested to downgrade U.S. Treasury bonds, is not anything I can do as well as Japan? It's up and twisting the head.
It's twisting the head's up even when the economic crisis in Europe, and I can not manage with my little consumption behavior.

 Or try to buy Bussan of Southern European countries, for Europe and I tried to buy the wine. And because I learned Spanish fishermen and moisturized by eating tuna, and I hope I come up with any fashion "Edo-style sushi" from now on.


Japanese food when I was doing the news and popular in Russia reminds me restless.

Cross-border, will both of sake, surrounding the table, talking to friends and puerile, food culture is a thing called love and dating.
It is also a good year soon and I do not appropriately Mitsukurou Oh who to date. I thought so before the new workplace is likely to be found, only the good feeling, try to keep this blog Shitatameru.

Well, when I put out a blog document has been deleted. The naughty Santa does not give presents. I do think that if someone like that.
I wonder why so much has gone away I met a child fell in love.

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